Lunch date with the bae 💕 #causewearethatgay😂 @annacraig37
#tbt hanging with this lovely lady! @tessbokla
Because well, icecream. 🍦
Annd about 5 seconds later I wrecked myself and Anna’s board. Sorry broskii 😔. Creds to @cailey_armeneau for the picture!
Kiss me hard before you go, summertime sadness. 💋
Great day with these lovely ladies. 💕 and thanks @riley_oenema for the picture. @annacraig37 #tubing  #summer
It’s the simple things in life that bring so much happiness. 💕⚓️🚣
Living with my bitches. #live 😂😜 love these girls. @desiree_morrison @annacraig37
You an tequila make me crazy.. 💕💭
The selfie game is going strong #whothefuckareyou #whereisanna #ANNAWHEREAREYOU @annacraig37
Maybe that’s the way I should go,
Straight into the mouth of the unknown. #shinedown 💭🎶
Relaxing day out in my kayak on the water💕 #kayak #tanning #jkjustburning